A Big Christmas Gift Misstep - Do Not Be A Scrooge This Holiday Season

It's Christmas time and that means time to get those Christmas Cards out to your customers and clients.

Obviously you want to say hello. You of course want to wish them the best this holiday season. You want them to know you appreciate them and, of course, you appreciate their business and their referrals. But it is a huge task. It is a time consuming and to be frank a monotonous, laborious job. And after all your diligent work, will they even notice your card? Won't it just blend in with all of the others? Nevertheless to not send your Holiday Cards is to miss a definite touch point with your prospects. And no doubt your competitors - the real competition - WILL be mailing their Holiday cards out.

Today companies are trying to create new and fun strategies to communicate with their current buyers or users and to boost their consumer base at the same time. One technique this is beginning to catch on in a significant way for companies is by employing SMS text messaging.

Therefore you go to the retailer. Your initial plan and first thought is to just buy a box of blank cards. But then YOU go blank wondering precisely what the suitable thing is to say to your customers. Besides, how many cards would you end up throwing out simply because you misspell something or just mess up? And how is your handwriting? Is it comprehensible even after the 100th card?

Direct mail services can be a cost-effective answer for business owners who wish to drastically expand sales and grow their dedicated customer base.

So, you give up on that idea and start to wade through the choice of cards. It's slow going. In fact, it's just not happening. You can't seem to find the one you want. This is getting really exhausting. None of them really say what you want but you finally settle on a card that will just have to do. You'd envisioned better but you're running out of time. It's tough to find a card that really fits your needs. It just has to have the right sentiment but it can't be too personal. After all it is a card selected for your business contacts. Next question. Do you print address labels (very impersonal) or take the time to personally hand write each of the addresses? Now that's a time consuming, dreaded chore!

Yes, you realize that sending cards and notes to customers increases the number of referrals they send you, but it's so time-consuming. And it can be very expensive!

There is a better way. Online automation software can be found to assist in this kind of work. Anything that has to be done, and done on a continuing time frame, that may be automated - really should be. Don't spend your valuable time and effort taking care of mundane, repetitive jobs that might be outsourced and automated. A great number of business people spend their valuable time on non money making routines while their business falters and struggles.

To be able to stand out from the crowd and be distinguishable among the immense amount of other emails, companies should try to establish their communication quick and easy, because ease is always more attractive than difficulty.

But take heart, there are services that will automate the process of sending out real greeting cards, customized to your specification, and sent out in a real envelope with a first class stamp.

Find a more convenient, less expensive, more memorable way to do this. Automate your client contacts, yet send real Holiday Cards in your handwriting.

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Auto-pilot programs allow you to set up marketing efforts for sending cards to your clients (like a Christmas Card or Holiday Card campaign, a "contact me" reminder campaign, or just a great note to say thanks). This means you can choose a card, and then select your selection of contacts to whom you intend to send it, and at the press of a button the card will be personalized in your own handwriting font, personalized to every person or business by name, and mailed the very next day with a first class stamp affixed.

Don't send mass mail cards that are tossed in the trash even before they are opened. You want to set your company apart from the competition. Sending cards unique to you, personalized with your personal photo, their photo (or any picture - even a company logo design) and sent out the very next day - now that just might help you stand out among the market and get noticed. No more aching hand. No misspellings. No bulk mail. No mailing it out too late. No plain card that blends in with all the rest.

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Remember important people in your life and in your business. And by doing so you display gratitude. Appreciation Marketing wins over self promotion every time. In your mailings, strive to motivate, uplift, encourage and really make a difference in others lives. The fascinating thing I've discovered is that the more I send out and express appreciation and words of encouragement to others, the more I enjoy a sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment - above and beyond the business benefits.

With automation services and resources, and with the holidays upon you, you will simplify your life and lower your stress level by using it. Send out your Christmas and Holiday Cards the easy way, the convenient way and in a much more time, energy and cost efficient way. You'll be grateful you did and so will your clients!

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