Are Planning And Doing Excellently A Natural Part Of Your Small Business Action Plan?

Owning a small business action plan and implementing that plan are two diverse things.

Planning is good, but it won't take you anywhere.

Implementation is great but without a plan, you won't arrive at where you want to be.

I find that countless online business owners tend to favor one and not the other. Which category do you fall under?

While most individuals tend toward one or the other, it's the successful composition of successful planning and performing that will actually make a small business financially rewarding. Help yourself by planning and executing brilliantly. Here are tips on how to create a clear-cut action plan that is both easy and practical:

1. First, get an empty piece of paper and a pen.

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2. Make up your mind where you are. Select an area that you want to put emphasis on (for example, monthly revenue or number of hits to secure one sale). Make sure you identify a specific section of your business and then identify a certain number you want to work on. One example is, if your present monthly earnings are $3000; write that at the top of your page.

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3. Make up your mind where you want to be. Working with the same area of small business and identical measurement (dollars or hits or whatever you opted for in step 1), write out where you want to be. If you want your monthly revenue in six months to be $6000 monthly, write that at the bottom of the page.

4. Now join the dots! On the space on your sheet between where you are supposedly and where you wish to be, create action steps with real, useful ideas that will help push you toward your goal. If it's an easy matter of only 2 or 3 steps, that's all you need. However, most likely, you need to fill your page with ways to help you move from "now" to "soon." Some tips for the example we've been examining might include: raise prices by 10%, attempt up-selling customers into a slightly higher priced product, undertake 30 minutes of cold calling each morning, etc. These items must be specific steps that you have to take, not broad ideas you have. You should definitely assign due dates for each one so you have a time-span to work in.

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5. Now, take those action elements, and put them into practice in your weekly organizer.

I have started a few businesses and this short article lets you in on a few of my tricks that I have discovered in the process.

6. Then simply do! Complete one step at a time, daily, until you've reached your time limit shown at the bottom of the sheet. Did you achieve your purpose? Did you miss the mark? In that case, exactly how close did you come?

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Once you slip into the habit of undertaking these regularly, you'll notice that you'll do them more and more often for several different business and individual objectives.

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