Are Word Of Faith Church Leaders Honestly Watching Out For One's Own Personal Good?

They label themselves word of faith people. Some label them "name it and claim it" people. I have been warned of word of faith preachers. I've been told to keep away from them. I was basically taught that having a lot of faith is really a bad thing. It's crucial to be sensible of limitations of what one person can do and what Our god can and will do. Lucky for me, I arrived at the point in my walk with Christ that I recognized I required increased faith. Increased faith in God's word inside the Bible. Increased faith that His words are genuine. Increased faith that the world I had been living in wasn't my authentic identity. It was at this point a good friend of mine introduced me to word of faith preacher Kenneth Copeland.

Just take a look at the college landscape in America and you will see public colleges, private colleges as well as universities and you can even find a plethora of bible colleges. Some of the leading bible colleges are not only famous in the United States, they are known worldwide.

It appears to me that word of faith preachers simply focus on faith in God and His word. Other churches concentrate on the laws of the Old Testament (like Catholicism and Orthodoxy). Even other churches focus on self-condemnation as well as reminders that we are sinners. And even other churches only focus on God's love.

Understanding genuine spirituality and practice means understanding the cohesion between mind and spirit and uniting the truth of a spiritual life with a seemingly meaningless worldly existence.

Are any of these churches actually wrong? Not necessarily. Many points these churches teach are in fact in the Bible. They basically choose to focus on that one aspect. So they are not wrong per se, they're basically not painting the full picture of God's word. It really is important for all of us, knowing this, that we consider following a variety of preachers.

The Sea of Galilee is located in north-east part of Israel, in the Jordan Rift Valley, and fed by the Jordan River. It is also acknowledged as the Lake of Gennesaret, Sea of Chinneroth and Sea of Tiberias. Technically, it is a lake rather than a sea.

So, returning to my first question, are word of faith preachers scam artists? Well, as with any other kind of church, it is dependent upon the church leader. Unfortunately, you will find some that are cons. But you'll find other word of faith preachers that are not. I have been following Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle and Jesse Duplantis for a few months now. As they've been quoting scriptures in their sermons, I have discovered little of what they preach to be off-base. Sure, there's a number of things I can locate to disagree with, but I can say that about ANY preacher. In all, I have discovered their preaching to be sound and a real blessing. These particular word of faith preachers have taught me to stand strong on God's word and to not waiver. They've taught me what surrendering entirely to God and having certain faith in Him really means. Their word of faith teachings have furthered my walk with Jesus Christ. I'm so very thankful for it and praise God for it!

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