Costa Brava Dining Has A Lot To Offer

Among the variety of cooking styles, traditional Catalan food cooked in Spain's excellent Costa Brava restaurants is among the most delicious and interesting. A lot of people know Italian Mediterranean food but Catalan gives it a Western Mediterranean twist. This is due, naturally, to its emphasis on domestically grown foodstuffs as well as its proximity to and influence from the cuisine of nearby southern France.

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Catalonia, which is a key producer of swine products throughout its inland area, supplies the basis for a lot of Costa Brava's pork-intensive dishes. From the coast come the extensive selection of fish that they love to prepare. Sauces made from the native produce and herbs provide a mix of sweet and savory flavors to a Costa Brava dining experience.

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Regional products in abundance include tomato, eggplant, capsicum, garlic, olive oils, artichoke, beans, chickpeas, mushrooms, the ubiquitous pork preparations, cheeses, poultry, lamb, and plenty of fish like sardine, cod, anchovy, and tuna, and hazelnuts, almonds, and pine nuts. Sauces are plentiful. Two favorites are Allioli, a sauce, which is really thick, composed of garlic and olive oil, and Salvitxada, which is made out of hazelnuts and almonds, garlic, bread, olive oil, vinegar, tomatoes, and dried red peppers. Samfaina is strictly Catalan. It is a delicately cooked mixture of tomato, aubergine, and pepper. Pork sausage, in such varieties as butifarra, salchichon and fuet, is likewise a popular Catalan flavoring.

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Fine Costa Brava dining includes cod, a favored fish. It could be prepared by flavoring it with raisins and pine nuts, or as a salted cod salad referred to as Esqueixada, made with tomato and onion. Stews and casserole dishes benefit from the intriguing sauces and flavorings prepared here. Enjoy the meat and vegetable stew called Ollada, the Suquet de peix seafood casserole, tuna escabeche known as tonyina en escabetx, or even the Escudella stew, a pleasing mix of pasta, minced meats and vegetables.

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Catalan is divided into eleven different wine regions. The sparkling wine, Cava, is similar to champagne and is made largely in the Anoia and Penedes regions. Moscatell, from the Emporda region, is a sweet Catalan wine. It is heavier compared to French Muscat and it is regarded as a dessert wine.

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There is no better finish to a Costa Brava dining experience than the special Costa Brava desserts which are a delight to the palate. There is the renowned yellow cream dish similar to flan, known as Crema Catalana. There's nothing else like Xuixos, fried pastries stuffed with crema catalana. This tempting dessert was developed in the Catalan city of Girona. Relish your coffee with Catanies, Catalan marcona almonds which are drenched in white chocolate and dusted with powdered black chocolate. Catalans have taken from various other cuisines and made them their own. One such borrowing from before the Middle Ages is a dessert from the native Jewish population. These small pastries, panellets, are made from pine nuts, almonds and sugar. They're created in numerous shapes and flavors. The favored time to eat them is on the First of November, while in la Castanyada, the All Saints Day festival. Enjoy!

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