Everything About Nickel: History, Invention, Some Vital Applications, Characteristics And Importance

For many thousands of years, men have used nickel in a lot of their needs. Back then, they weren't alert to the chemical properties of the element and which they could use nickel alloys in many purposes also.

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What is nickel?

Nickel is a versatile metal, a chemical element, with an atomic number of 28 and chemical symbol Ni. It is glossy and sometimes silvery-white in appearance. It is a ferromagnetic component that can exist in normal temperature. There're only three other components which possess the same characteristic: gadolinium, iron and cobalt.

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How was nickel discovered?

It is supposed that man has used nickel as early as 3500 BC. But, it was only in 1751 that it was categorized and recognized as a chemical element by Swedish chemist and mineralogist Axel Fredrik Cronstedt who, for the first time, thought it was a copper mineral. From then, essential nickel ore minerals have been discovered, such as limonite, pentlandite and garnierite.

What are the characteristics of nickel?

The properties of nickel are divided into atomic, physical, isotopes, and chemical. Its atomic characteristics include its electronic configuration, electron structure, and any other electron-related stuff.

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Its physical properties include its color (that is silvery-white), magnetic abilities (like what was stated earlier, it is among the four elements which have magnetic abilities at room temperature, but is non-magnetic when exposed to temperature more than that), & unit cell structure (nickel has a face centered cubic unit cell). It is also ductile and hard.

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Nickel has 5 stable isotopes, all of which has an unique set of properties and characteristics. And when we speak of nickel's chemical properties, it takes place in several oxidation states. The most typical of them all is +2.

Where is nickel used?

A lot of industries nowadays use nickel in their operations. Many of the products that use nickel are rechargeable batteries, stainless steel, coinage, electric guitar strings, magnets, nickel alloys and any other kinds of alloys, together with bronze, copper, lead, silver, gold, cobalt, aluminum & chromium. It is also used to make nickel cast irons and nickel steels.

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Nickel alloys are commonly used in power plants, gas and oil plants, and any other processing factories. They're good at corrosion resistance and heat regulation. They are also used in nuclear reactors and solar engineering. In our household, nickel alloys are found in our electric heaters, cookers and any other appliance.

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