GPS Car Tracker - What You Need To Know

The installation of a GPS car tracker system will enable you to observe the movement or check the position of any car fitted with the device. There are two forms of car tracking systems; passive and real time GPS tracking.

Passive devices only maintain a log of the vehicles status, direction and speed, that are stored to a memory chip. These can be retrieved at some later date and used to analyze and monitor the driver's activity or to optimize a cars route.

The days of people driving with the usage of maps or just as a result of their whimsical fancy are all in the past as of late.

Real time devices signal the location of the vehicle by a satellite connection to the GPS database every 5 minutes and the user can access this data directly over the Internet. It can provide accurate positional information for any vehicle equipped with a relaying machine.

There are a wide variety of uses for which these GPS trackers can be used.

1. Security companies to view locations of personnel and work vehicles, suitable for use by banking and financial organizations.

In recent years, in-dash navigators have turn out to be standard on many new vehicles. These kinds of navigators usually feature some sort of GPS unit, a place to store your music, tune in to the radio.

2. Management of fleet vehicles, cars, buses, vans or Lorries, such as taxis, ambulances or couriers.

3. Rental Car management, checking on mileage and position of rented cars for pickup.

With Garmin it has went against the market with this Nuvi 3790T that has a very slim design and style that also has a resolution capacitive touchscreen display that wows customers.

4. Ideal for use by courier delivery so both customer or company can monitor parcels and delivery vans.

5. Personal cars to monitor their movements or recovery if they are stolen.

6. Insurance companies or sales personnel to observe mileage and locations.

7. Supervision and location of critical response teams, whether security, rescue or medical teams.

Are you tired of stopping for information simply to receive the wrong directions? How can car GPS Navigation system find an answer to your problem?

There is also the possibility of attaching a "help or panic" button to the system, that can send out an alert if there is an unexpected problem, break down or security breach, thus initiating a response team.

Passive systems are not as responsive and work more as a record of an automobiles journey, everyday use or weekly trips. They can record such parameters like speed, direction and time but are only accessible once the GPS tracker's memory chip is retrieved.

In-dash navigation systems are fast becoming preferred in vehicles for GPS navigation simply because they are not just navigators but additionally give the user a wholesome entertaining experience.

This kind of GPS car tracker is utilized both as open monitoring systems for company performance and statistics and as part of covert undercover, surveillance purposes where tracking an individual's movements or a vehicles journey is important. In either case the devices are small and inconspicuous and easily concealed within the body or underside of a vehicle. These may be simply traced with a simple call from a cell phone and the GPS tracker will send a message back broadcasting its position.

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