Magnetic Sponsoring - Employing The Potential Of Attraction Marketing To Create More Leads

Magnetic Sponsoring Launched in 2007-08 with flagship item developed by none other then Mike Dillard. I managed to pick op the original version when it first came out several years ago... This single product has to do with some of the industries greatest success stories out there. I had the chance lately to go back and re-read the product and study it all over again through the eyes of a marketer.

Mobile marketing is exceptionally, personalized, and cost-effective. It is generally used alongside other forms of promotion, but is viewed as less interfering than TV and radio station advertisements. It is now considered the 7th mass media channel after broadsheets, audio recordings, and the world wide web.

I wished to give a honest personal review.This is version number two as it was updated not too long ago.The main question that I am going to be answering by the of this blog post is does the information contained in the product still hold true at present with all the changes with social media, Google updates and passing of time?

Those businesses which are put a lot of time and effort into refining their channel marketing strategy can be seen to be winning in the market place. It's no longer sufficient to have a highly outstanding product, this will not guarantee success in the market.

What is this magnetic sponsoring review?

Actually what Magnetic Sponsoring is a 78 page book of awesomeness using the power of Attraction Marketing to generate more leads and or traffic. This is a necessity to anyone in network, online, or affiliate marketing.

There are numerous social networking websites and chances are your kids are members of a few of them using sms text mobile marketing as a part of their daily marketing communications

This discusses (in detail) how to brand yourself and make you a professional figure? Why would you like to go around and just be another billboard trying to pitch someones deal? There is a science behind this that is absolutely awesome once you learn it. The product absolutely delivers as it gets you prepped and ready to learn the next course Black Belt Marketing.

What will you get when you sign up?

That is the typical question that everybody asks when you sign up with Mike Dillard.


Attraction Marketing Review -You get Videos 7 hard hitting raw and up front information that breaks it down plain and simple

DAY 1 "How To Get Invited: Why Cold Prospecting Methods Are Dead, And What To Do Now..." 8min 30 sec DAY 2 "How To make Your Prospects To Purchase Anything You Sell" 6min 49sec

Mobile devices, mobile sets and PDA's are one of the last great forms of viral advertisement opportunities. However, we have become experts at filtering everything, our air and water, our e-mail and pop-ups, and our mobile phones likewise. We are good at filtering.

DAY 3 "The Two Types Of People To Hire And How To Come across Them?" 8min 44sec

DAY 4 "How Turn The People Who Said "No" to your business Into Profit" 8min 27sec

DAY 5 "How To Get Paid To Prospect" 10min 54sec

DAY 6 "How To Write Effective Ads" 5min36sec

DAY 7 "How To Draw And Marketers To You" 11min 59sec

A closed door MP3 Download interview with great friend Mark Wieser 57min 16sec

A 19 Page guide called Essential Reports (downloadable reports) PDF with valuable lessons he has learned over the years.

Special Report #1: Creating Killer Advertising

Special Report #2: Posture - A Career Developing Training

Special Report #3: Developing a Magnetic Personality

Special Report #4: Sorting Versus. Selling

A 16 Page book known as Domain Secrets (you may give this one away) PDF all about domain names and then some

A prospect Profile Wealth Sheet (downloadable) PDF so you can keep track of your key players.

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