Moments From The Life Of Christ Bring The Spirit For Sculptor Angela Johnson

The sculptures made by the hands of Angela Johnson- known to the world as AJ Sculptures, are a proof of one woman's experience of Christ. If you have been looking for a sculpture to put in your house or garden as an ideal emblem of your faith, these sculptures may be the best fit for you. Sculptors create all their works with a concept of light as well as shadows. Angela Johnson makes her sculptures with the simple understanding that Christ is the Light of the World, and his light will dispel all shadows.

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Here are some of the wonderful sculptures you can find from AJ Sculptures:

- "It is I, Be Not Afraid"- One of the most powerful moments in the holy book hailed by many people as one of those miracles that defies all science, is the moment in Matt 14 where the lord walks on water. This beautiful statue is of frothing magnificent waves when they crash about the feet of the savior, and a determined unflinching Christ as he walks around the unwieldy waves.

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- Gethsemane- Certainly the wonderful scene in the garden is something that one cannot pass over. This statue is simple, a garden, together with a gnarled olive tree at the bottom part of which has fallen the savior. Christ is looking up and reaching out to his father, as he turns his will over to the glory of The almighty.

The Sea of Galilee is situated in north-east area of Israel, in the Jordan Rift Valley, and fed by the Jordan River. It is also known as the Lake of Gennesaret, Sea of Chinneroth and Sea of Tiberias. Actually, it's a lake rather than a sea.

- "I give you living water"- Christ sat at a well within Samaria, and a woman approached to draw water. While Christ talked with this woman she came to realize he was the Savior of the world, the Messiah. He said to her that he would give her living water, as well as taught her to trust his word. This scene upon a small well, is depicted with wonderful fine detail, and reminds us that Christ had personal and loving relationships with all of those he taught. Are you being taught by Christ?

Being aware of authentic spirituality and practice means realizing the link between spirit and mind and uniting the realities of a spiritual life with an apparently meaningless worldly existence.

There are many more samples of the works that Angela has created as the spirit has lead her to testify of the powerful spirit found among the stories of Christ's life.

Moments From The Life Of Christ Bring The Spirit For Sculptor Angela Johnson
If you have been searching for a sculpture to put in your home or yard as a perfect emblem of your faith, these sculptures may be the perfect fit for you. Sculptors craft all their works with an understanding of light and shadows.

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Angela Johnson's Innovative Sculptures Of Jesus That Depict His Love For The World
The sculptures of Jesus Christ made by AJ Sculptures are incredible works of masterful quality. The detail and design interwoven into each and every scene from the life of Jesus Christ are mind-blowing.

Miracles Have Not Ceased According To AJ Sculptures
AJ Sculptures is a discoverer to the truth that miracles have not ceased. Her sculptures of Jesus are an example that miracles will remain to appear as long as the children of men are on earth.

The Savior Is The Inspiration Of A Lot Of Sculptures Particularly Those By AJ Sculptures- The Key Behind The Success Of Famous Artist.
Angela Johnson, the sculptor of the works of brilliant detail and beauty was once a career opera singer, however has since made her way into the arena with the savior as the inspiring fire beneath her fingers.

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Incredible Scultures Of God On Earth
These different mediums all find their aim at the hands of master sculptors who express their witness of the goal as well as divinity of Jesus Christ.

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