Scintillating Ecuador Amazon Hotels For South America Trip

Ecuador is among the most beautiful areas in South America. South America travel has vivid culture, serene climate factors, loving people and wonderful monuments so as to get the attention of the vacationers every year. Ecuador is famous due to its trendy and compact Amazon holiday lodges worldwide. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of lodges in Ecuador. The most wonderful places is called as Napo Wildlife Center. This center provides luxury amenities for the vacationers. Secondly there is UNESCO Biosphere Reserve which is situated in Yasuni National Park.

Thailand has large number of beach resort spots with white sandy beaches, warm emerald water and mild current. It will satisfy any type of your Thailand vacations choice. Famous island and beach resorts include Phuket Island, Pattaya, Krabi, Koh Samui, and Koh Phi Phi.

The most fantastic thing about this lodge is that it offers 16 luxury cabins for the tourists. This lodge provides many facilities for the tourists for example king bed, twin bed and safe deposit box. Furthermore, it has private bathroom, attached bathroom, hot and cold running water, 24 hour electricity and also screens. Furthermore it offers ceiling fans, laundry, dining hall, fine bar, library and also 50 foot viewing tower. The excellent thing about this tower is that you can observe wildlife. If you wish to have an access to this wonderful lodge, then you will have to go through Coca town. The Napo River is not far away from this lodge. Then there is Anangu Reserve. This resort is located nearby private lake. You will find and explore hiking trails there. There is 130 ft canopy tower where you can observe numerous birds, reptiles and insects. You can observe flora and fauna in South America travel .

The Masai Mara is a magnificent natural elegance, a place where Maasai morans share the plains with predators, a place of mighty herds and everlasting cycles of life, loss of life and rebirth. Wildlife moves freely in and out of the sanctuary and throughout neighboring Masai lands.

Then you must not forget to explore the lovely Tapir Jungle Lodge. This lodge is situated at Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. This resort is amalgamated with Siona Secoya indigenous community. The Amazon resort has serene environmental conditions. This uses the solar panels to generate electricity for the guests. This lodge also follows recycling & waste recycle plans. The tourists will be entertained and rejoiced with many amenities such as dining rooms, hammocks, library, fine bar, and so on. The bedrooms are well placed in towers. These rooms offer mosquito nets and reading lamps. The Cuyabeno River is not far from the Amazon resort. This river is the best place for adventure activities for the visitors for example finishing, bird watching, canoeing etc. The Yacuma Jungle Ecolodge is situated nearby Chontayacu and Napo Rivers. This resort is the best & ideal place for the travelers. This is close to the nature. Over-all Ecuador lodges provide the most exciting and affordable amenities for the tourists. So make South America travel plan as fast as possible.

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