Stem Cell Research And Its Advantages

A stem cell can actually be looked at as a blank sheet of paper which can be made or altered into any type of human cell. The cell possesses this capability because it "listens" to instructions it receives from the body as hormones and chemicals. For this reason, stem cell research is undoubtedly an incredibly fascinating subject.

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Scientists have been trying to coax these cells into becoming any one of the 220 differing types of specialized human cells inside the body. This isn't possible using a bone cell as it is only going to produce bone cells while reproducing. On the other hand, a stem cell offers the capacity to generate muscle cells, bone cells, and pretty much every other kind of cell inside the human body.

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The Possibilities In Stem cell research Are Endless

Scientists feel that such a limitless supply of original cells might be the best treatment method for any kind of health issue. There are three kinds of these cells: embryonic cells from human embryo, adult stem cells taken from the peripheral blood of human adults, and induced pluri-potential cells in which fully grown cells have been regressed or reversed in order to make stem cells. Stem cells have previously been adapted into a variety of medical treatment options utilized for leukemia.

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Research is continuing to find stem cell based treatments for disorders such as Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and cancer. By far the most remarkable aspect of these cells is the fact that they could be used to grow complete replacement human organs. Despite the fact that transplant surgeries are possible, the need for organs is greater when compared to the supply. Moreover, the potential for organ matching and rejection by the donor are very serious considerations that at some point do cause issues for the host. On the other hand, a situation where organs could be grown to match the host anytime could make all these issues a thing of the past.

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Current Hold Ups For Stem cell research

Among the biggest sources for stem cells is from surplus embryos at in-vitro fertilization clinics. Research workers remove the cells from a human embryo that doesn't make it through the process and this is the major problem. Religious and pro-life activists are strong in opposing the procedure of gathering cells which has led to delays in the course of research.

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Scientists have been quick to point out that there are actually more than 100,000 to 188,000 surplus embryos at fertilization centers which are just discarded because they are not required. Even so, the controversy is still raging and a solution isn't anticipated anytime soon. To avoid these ethical and religious concerns, researchers currently prefer to utilize induced pluri-potential cells produced from skin which perform just as well for research and treatment methods.

Stem Cell Research And Its Advantages
A stem cell can actually be looked at as a blank sheet of paper which can be made or altered into any type of human cell. The cell possesses this capability because it "listens" to instructions it receives from the body as hormones and chemicals.

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