There Are Various Villages And Communities Whose Titles Are The Similar In Each Tribes, Example Elelme, Kpone And Bakpo

The community named Uegwere Boue is located in the Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State. These are section of a well known tribe called Ogoni. According to oral culture, the Ogoni people migrated from ancient Ghana down to the Atlantic coast finally creating their way over to the eastern Niger Delta.

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Linguistic analysis done by Kay Williams location the Ogoni in the Niger Delta since before 15 BC, making them one of the earliest settlers in the eastern Niger Delta sector. Radiocarbon relationship taken from websites around Ogoniland and the neighbouring communities' oral cultures also support this claim. They are among the few tribes that lasted the certain slave trade while they lived in family isolation and did not lose any of their member to enslavement. After Nigeria was colonized by the British in 1885, British soldiers got in Ogoni by 1901. Biggest resistance to their occurrence sustained through 1914.

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Some historians have identified several notable characteristics between the Ogonis and the Volta individuals of Ghana. The method of farming of yam and cassava in the Volta territory of Ghana is a similar with the Ogonis. And the two crops are their superior crops. There are several villages and groups whose titles are the same in each tribes, example Elelme, Kpone and Bakpo. As well, alphabets and pronunciation of some Volta people and those of the Ogoni people are the similar.

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Uegwere boue is one of the towns in Boue Population which comprises of ten villages. There is no distinct or specific date of her origin however a few historians believe that Uegwere existed in the times of the Hom-Erectus Stone Age. According to oral culture, Uegwere Boue was founded by three brothers known as; Gbene-kiri, Gbene-ka-bien and Bie.

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The three noble forefathers of the community settled initially in a local community named Kpong and later moved to an area called Luawii. Additional historians reasoned that they also moved to Bara-Boue. The migration of these brothers was basically due to the look for economic trees (hardwood) that will be used to generate masks, household dishes, doorways, etc. Another reason for their regular migration was the pursuit to discover fertile land for planting, since they were as well farmers.

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