What You Need To Know About Ovarian Cysts

An ovarian cyst is composed of a sac full of fluid that may be present in or on an ovary. Regular cysts are termed functional cysts. These cysts are formed if the normal follicle which matures to discharge an egg does not get smaller following ovulation. They are soft, consist of thin membrane walls, and hold clear fluid. These kinds of cysts shrink eventually, typically within 1 to 3 months. In case you have functional cysts then your physician may possibly choose to follow this issue with frequent examinations in 1 to 3 months so as to ensure that the cysts have become smaller.

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A cyst can bring about a feeling of fullness with or without the presence of inflammation in the lower abdominal area. There can be a dull pelvic pain. At times a cyst could possibly rupture and bring about a sharp pain as well as a brownish vaginal discharge can be observed. Additionally, there are other uncommon benign cysts including dermoid cysts, endometrionas, and cystadenoma.

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Indications of A Cyst

The majority of the ovarian cysts usually do not result in any kind of symptom. Even so, when the cyst becomes twisted, it may possibly lead to discomfort in the lower abdominal region. A few cysts may possibly rupture and discharge fluid inside the abdomen. This fluid might aggravate the lining of the abdomen and lead to pain. Substantial cysts, on the other hand, could trigger pressure inside the abdomen. It's very essential to remember that a majority of ovarian cysts tend not to result in any kind of symptom, so if you know you have cysts then talk to your physician.

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The doctor will inquire about the symptoms and medical history. Your physician will likely then carry out a pelvic exam. When the doctor suspects that the cysts might be there, he could possibly do a pelvic ultrasound. This examination is done in order to ascertain the type and size of the cyst and the type of treatment required. Additionally, various other exams might be done in the event that the cyst does not disappear after a number of menstrual cycles or becomes much larger and painful. Additional tests can include Laparoscopy and a blood test for protein CA-125.

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Treatment of a cyst is dependent upon different issues such as age, menstrual status, size and type of cyst and symptoms, if any. The physician will first wait for two to three months to see whether the cyst goes away naturally. In the case of a functional cyst, the physician could suggest you use birth control pills to check out the menstrual cycle. Nevertheless, when the cyst is creating pain and discomfort, the health practitioner may possibly recommend pain medication.

Nearly all women have ovarian cysts sometime or another. Normally these result in no problems disappear and therefore are never detected. But sometimes they'll grow, expand, exhibit ovarian cysts symptoms and become problematic...

Laparoscopic Surgery

This surgery is advised to take away the cyst if the cyst grows larger than 2 inches in size, causes continual pain, continues longer than 2-3 months, and disrupts blood circulation.


Generally, ovarian cysts are painless and benign. It is nevertheless, crucial to find cysts early and visit the health practitioner and inform him about any changes in your monthly period. Also report if you have pelvic or abdominal discomfort.

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