What You Should Know About IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is actually a problem that affects many men and women around the world and for lots of reasons, not least embarrassment; many of those affected suffer in silence as opposed to looking for a remedy - or indeed identifying their problem at all.

What is IBS? What exactly is irritable bowel syndrome?

Obviously, the above two questions are the same however at times it's easy to overlook that acronyms are a lot more apparent to some than they can be to other individuals. Believe it or not, a doctor friend once had a patient who asked "what is IBS" only to receive an answer then ask "what is irritable bowel syndrome" in the next breath!

No matter whether we use its complete name or indeed the shorter acronym, irritable bowel syndrome is actually a problem that has an effect on the gut (in other words, our digestive system which includes the bowels) and normally leads to a number of symptoms.

Those symptoms could consist of any of the following:

- Abdominal discomfort: Whereas for many people, IBS will give you general discomfort, for some men and women, it might be really painful.

- Irregular bowel movements: IBS can result in trips to the bathroom becoming really urgent and increasingly rare.

- Irregular stools: When afflicted with IBS, stools can fluctuate between small "pebbles" and loose diarrhea.

Other signs of IBS may involve increased and painful wind, general malaise, muscular discomfort, nausea and heartburn symptoms among other connected signs and symptoms.

How to control IBS

For most instances, irritable bowel syndrome doesn't require prescription medication or even laxatives, but rather a modification of lifestyle or diet will sufficiently control its symptoms. In fact, a change in basic disposition may help a person deal with the symptoms because stress is frequently considered a contributory factor to the problem. Not surprisingly, this can be easier said than done and a vicious circle can sometimes take place which increase the severity of IBS.

Have you at one time felt ill, stressed, fatigued and depressed yet no level of medication appears to work out for you?

Nonetheless, there are a number of immediate actions that a person can take to relieve their IBS and those involve (based on symptoms):

- Alter your fiber intake (increases and decreases in fiber can have varied effects on IBS)

- Consume regular rather than erratic meals

- Drink significant quantities of water

- Reduce caffeinated and alcohol based drinks

- If stools are loose, reduce fruit servings to three a day

- Test probiotic yogurts and yogurt drinks to enhance good bacteria in your gut

- Maximize exercise and make time for relaxation

Triggers for IBS can differ tremendously from one person to the next, so it is frequently hard to pinpoint the exact causes for every individual. To this end, people who suffer from IBS can help themselves by keeping a diary describing their food, physical exercise and symptoms. This kind of diary will eventually help to diagnose what food types and lifestyle options aggravate or relieve IBS.

Home based supplements for constipation might be extremely effective and individuals may well supplement this along with mild work outs combined with pilates. Added treatments regarding constipation may include day by day exercises.

Of course, it goes without saying that just like any problem of this type; should symptoms continue or deteriorate, medical help will need to be sought after as soon as possible.

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