Ways To Add Tests Onto Your Own YouTube.Com Video

YouTube is one of the greatest tools to provide pupils the understanding material that they need to be successful. There are literally thousands and thousands of video clips out on Youtube.com that can help students learn the subject in school. Youtube has actually lately released a new feature that will reinvent the way that we can teach our students. This article explains how to add quizzes on youtube videos.

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They have actually added a 'Video Questions Editor' that allows users to create questions to appear at a certain time in the video. If you desire to develop tests for your pupils, it is definitely a fantastic device to utilize. Exactly how it works is that the video will pause at a certain time for viewers to select an answer to complete the questions and then the video clip will immediately resume. The answers will then be a part the annotation analytics so that the video owner can see how lots of people chose this answer etc. This post describes exactly how to add quizzes on Youtube videos.

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Please follow these following actions on how to add quizzes on youtube:

1) Produce a Youtube Channel!

You can't upload videos on Youtube without a channel. To do so, simply register on YouTube and it will take less than 10 minutes to create an account. After you have created an account, you may upload any video clip you desire on any type of topic. An example subject would be "youtubemp3converter".

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2) Enable questions

This step is important because if you don't allow concerns then you won't be able to use the 'Video Questions Editor'. Visit Youtube's video questions beta to enable the editor so you can begin utilizing this fantastic attribute!

3) Edit Video

After you have uploaded your video, go to the video manager, try to find the video you uploaded and click 'edit'. Next click 'Questions' in the upper corner of the tool bar, you can not miss it. If you get audio youtube this step will be easier.

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4) Input Question

On the next page, you are able to input the title of the question. If you want the question to come up at 40 seconds into the video then you should input (00.00.40) in the time box for it to appear at the chosen time. An example question might be about youtube audio.

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5) Examine your annotation

After you are done with your question and answers, scroll to the bottom and click 'save changes'. Next, it is extremely crucial to click annotations and you will see where and when your question will come up in the video. Be sure to change the length of the pause time because the default length if 2 minutes. Now you know the steps for adding quizzes to youtube videos.

Ways To Add Tests Onto Your Own YouTube.Com Video
There are literally thousands and thousands of videos out on Youtube that can help pupils discover the subject in school. They have added a 'Video Questions Editor' that allows users to create quizzes that appear at a specific time in the video clip.

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